Iran's Technology and Innovation challenges

a platform for the development of open innovation in industrial enterprises

Technology and Innovations Challenges, a mechanism for solving technical problems of Iranian industrial enterprises is being made by Iranian researchers and technologists around the world.

We strive to mobilize all technology and bandwagon activists to create and develop technological solutions to overcome the technical problems of different industries in the country. We believe that universities, research institutes and small and medium enterprises can take significant steps towards the development and commercialization of technology. In this way, we will help develop a resilient economy and basic knowledge.

We look forward to your participation in technology and innovation challenges.


You are also an innovator

The process of holding a challenge


Problem Scope

A clear and precise description of a technological problem as the core of the challenge, along with the determination of the criteria for judging the designs, the expected outputs (conceptual design or prototype) the composition and names of the jury, the number of stages and prizes of each stage


Call Release

Provide massive information to individuals, groups or companies interested in participating in the challenge through websites, email, SMS, group media, social networks or poster placement in universities and research institutes, parks and centers of growth.


Registration of designs

The compilation and registration of conceptual designs or prototypes on the site within the deadline set in accordance with the announced framework, including the cost, method, advantages and disadvantages of the project, without reference to its full details.


Evaluation and awarding the Prizes

Evaluation of conceptual designs or prototypes based on technical and economic criteria by members of the jury, selecting the best designs and awarding prizes and other facilities in accordance with the challenge call.

Held Challenges Statistics


Selected designs


Total Concession Facility in Rial


Number of registered designs


Challenges held

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from concepts to experiences from other countries / companies

World Experience

For many years, major companies from Nokia and General Electric to Shell, Siemens, and Ericsson have been working on permanent and virtual exhibitions, and websites such as Nissigma and Innocent, via magazines such as ``Tech Monitor``, to bring their technical nodes to the attention of researchers around the world. In this section we will introduce you to the valuable experiences of other companies and countries in organizing technology and innovation challenges.

Notes and articles

Why are some firms pessimistic about technological cooperation and prefer to devote all their technology developments to their experts? What is the difference between the Crowdsourcing and open innovation? We try to answer this type of questions by writing engaging and readable notes or short articles, and to make you understand what the technology and innovation challenges are and how do they work.

Definitions and Concepts

What is the Technology and Innovation Challenge? Is there a limit to attending the challenges of technology and innovation? Who can take part in the challenges? What are the stages of technology and innovation challenges? What are the benefits of holding a challenge for industrial firms? What are the motivations of researchers and technologists in technology and innovation challenges and what will they get? Answer all these questions here.

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